Software by Reinhold Kainhofer:

  • KPilot
    A while ago, I worked a log on KPilot, KDE's Palm synchronization application.
  • Low-Discrepancy Sequences for C++
    Low-Discrepancy sequences are used in numerical integration instead of random numbers to minimize the error. These classes for c++ (released under the GPL) implement most of the known low-discrepancy sequences. Get more information and download it at its SourceForge homepage.
  • http Server for the palm handheld
    In this project I try to create a http server (also known as "Web Server") for the Palm OS, that is fully customizable, runs in the background and is modularized.
  • CSSSave` package for Mathematica 4:
    Whenever you convert a Mathematica notebook to HTML, all the colors, spacing and borders are lost. With this package, the Mathematica Style-Sheet is converted to a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), which is used by the HTML file to include colors, spacing, borders etc. This package is released under the GPL
    Download a free version of the CSSSave` package from its homepage!
  • VDMSL` package for Mathematica:
    Due to its incredible customizability, Mathematica can also be used in formal methods to work with hybrid systems as well. This package provides VDM-SL structures in Mathematica, so that now the discrete control model can be defined and checked in Mathematica, but also the continuous physical model can be included in the form of differential equations etc.
    Go to the homepage of the VDMSL` package.
  • RK Ancient Fonts 1.0:
    You want to write Sanskrit, but don't have the font? You have to write a Greek text with accents for your class, but your Computer doesn't know how to write accentuated Greek letters? No Problem.
    HERE'S THE SOLUTION: RK Fonts are a collection of various TrueType fonts for Microsoft Windows. With these fonts you can write Greek with accents, Sanskrit, oldpersian cuneiform, Meroitic and Ugaritic cuneiform. You can download the fonts at the homepage of RK Ancient Fonts.
  • Quasi-Monte Carlo Simulation of the Diffusion equation:
    A comparison of some low-discrepancy sequences with the Monte Carlo method and the finite differences solution.
    Download the source code together with the final report.
  • QMC Simulation of the Boltzmann Equation:
    My Diploma thesis consisted of a program to simulate the Boltzmann Equation using different Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods.
    Download the source code together with the final report.
  • Interpolation:
    A Windows program to visualize the differences between different methods of interpolation (one-dimensional Lagrange, Tschebyscheff and Splines as well as parametric interpolation)
  • Logic Trainer 1.0:
    You like logic puzzles, so this is the right program for you. Unfortunately all of the puzzles shipped with the program are in German language. But you can use any puzzle you find somewhere in any magazine - and you can find many of them around. Download the program.
  • Super Mind 2.0:
    The best MasterMind version for Microsoft Windows that I know of! Shareware. Download the program.
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