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Symbol Accentuated:

As the default Symbol font provided by Microsoft does not contain any Greek letters with accents , I have designed a font to write Greek with accents.

Historical: The ancient Greek authors and poets of the best time did not use accents, which were introduced a few hundred years later to provide a better readability and more information about the pronunciation. Till now there were no fonts available to use such vowels with accents and spiritus, so that you had to use the ordinary vowel and draw the accent or the spiritus manually.

The Font: The most common of the vowels with accents and spiritus are easy to reach by just entering the accent-key (, ` or ^) and then entering the vowel. For further information look into the files tasttab.doc, tasttab1.doc or sy_tab.pcx.

The Files: tasttab.doc, tasttab1.doc and sy_lay.doc contain the key assignment, sy_tab.doc all the available signs with their ANSI-Code-Number, and symbacc.ttf contains the font. The rest of the files contain pieces from the most renowned authors such as Plato, Homer, Lukian, Aristotle, and some more...

Table of Signs:

The first sign in each field is the sign in Symbol Accentuated. Afterwards comes the key(s), with which you can type the letter, and at the end there is the ANSII-Code for the sign (You can also enter the sign by pressing down the ALT-key and typing in the 4-number ANSII-code with the number block at the right of your keyboard and then releasing the ALT-key):

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